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In the era of self-quarantine, Saund and Snyder found a way for DMV guests to enjoy an elegant fine dining experience in the comfort of their own home from 2020 to 2021. The Menus of the Season were delivered to their DC doorstep, with the option of adding on of their wine pairing. The menus brightened up date nights, anniversaries and celebrations at home. Included in their elegant home-dining option for their local DMV guests were reusable packaging, donations to causes in need, and the harmonization of art and food together, which has always been at the forefront of their business.
This 2-person operation was invented and executed completely by Chef-Sommelier Saund and Chef Snyder, this couple has curated every detail from concept to creation.
A percentage of their profits were donated to local DMV charities and organizations nationwide to support communities in need, near and far.
It is very important to Saund & Snyder that when they eat, their community eats, and the community needs to be fed social justice. 

Four months after opening, Saund & Snyder were named by Washingtonian Magazine as “Washington DC’s Most Beautiful Takeout”. In September 2021, they were nominated for their first RAMMY award by the Restaurant Association of Metropolitan Washington for “Finer Dining in a Box”.

Currently, Saund & Snyder have shifted their operation to a new concept - a restaurant in West End, DC called The Setting. This whimsical underground location offers a multi-sensory 10 course tasting menu that is enjoyed entirely by hand with the option of adding on the Cocktail Pairings. This experience is unlike any other tasting menu you will enjoy in the District. To book a reservation, please click “Reserve Now”.

In under 6 months of opening their doors to the DMV community, The Setting has been recommended in the 2022 edition of the MICHELIN Guide Washington. Saund & Snyder are incredibly honored to receive this recognition and thank their hardworking team and amazing guests for supporting The Setting.

As the brand continues to grow, please follow us on our Instagram @saundandsnyder to keep up with our latest product launches and the culinary happenings of Saund & Snyder.

Cheers to good food and great memories!



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